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Film Friendly

Our company has gained the Film Friendly status as the result of participating in a training program organized by the Finnish Lapland Film Commission during the spring of 2013. This means that our personnel are ready and willing to accommodate any needs the production team may have while filming in our region. Welcome to realize your film in the Finnish Lapland!

Our representative in the area of the Kemi Tourism Ltd will give you the chance to concentrate for making the best film ever by arranging all the required side-services for your production. Let us know your targets and wishes, and you keep the focus on your production; we take care of the rest. We know Lapland and its people — we will bring our experience and expertise as well as our long-term co-operation with the companies in the area for your service.

Use our most experienced crew members' passion and flexibility to help you achieve the best results ever. We have great settings and locations for your production right in our area, and resources to fill up your needs, in addition to a variety of other possibilities via wide co-operation network in Northern Finland.
Contact our certified Film Friendly personnel:

Noora Barria: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +358 40 149 6306
Oskar van Ieperen
Anne Pietilä This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.+358 40 746 2557

Icebreaker Sampo

Before its reassignment to its current task in the Port of Ajos in Kemi, the former icebreaker of the Finnish Government, built in 1960, served in professional icebreaking duty until 1987. The decades of the Sampo, all in all, form one of the most important parts of the Finnish winter maritime shipping history.

The Sampo Icebreaker as a tourist attraction is a story of its own. The late City Manager of Kemi, Juhani Leino, was a man rich with ideas, and it was his idea to purchase the retired icebreaker from the Finnish government to the city of Kemi. Leino’s idea, at the time, raised some eyebrows and some fierce resistance as well. But due to the perseverance, and persistent, dedicated work of all involved on behalf of the Icebreaker, the Sampo has been one of the main tourist attractions in the city of Kemi since 1988.

The Icebreaker Cruise season begins a little before Christmas, and lasts for about four months. In year 2016 approximately 16 000 tourists took a cruise on the Sampo. Over the years, people from more than 50 countries have visited the Sampo.

The Sampo offers great and unique opportunities as interesting settings and locations for film productions. The original engines and equipment aboard the ship, renovated and dating back to the 1960’s, are living history adding to the atmosphere of the time. The Sampo is capable of transferring a group of maximum 150 persons to the middle of the icy Gulf of Bothnia – one of the largest sea areas in all of Europe with thick ice covering. The thickness of ice may reach up to 90 cm during the months of January-April. As you see, filming “the Antarctic” safely and comfortably, without undue danger or hazard, is realizable!!

Kemi SnowCastle

The Kemi SnowCastle by the Gulf of Bothnia in Finland is the source of great pride as well as a true showcase of architectonic snow-work of the local constructors. Every winter - year 2016 for the 21th time in a row - the SnowCastle offers wonderful experiences for both children and adults alike. Great light-effects will add to the charm of the artistic snow- and ice-sculpting as well as to all the structures around the SnowCastle. The SnowCastle is open from the end of January until the first week of April.

Inside the SnowCastle you will find the SnowRestaurant (200 seats), the SnowHotel (approx. 15 rooms, 48 beds), the SnowChapel (60 seats) and various galleries (covered spaces). In the outer area of the Castle, under open skies, you will find the Castle Yard with snow slides and the ever exciting Snow Tube Slide. The theme and details changing yearly, the SnowCastle is designed and built new during the months of December-January every year.

For film productions the SnowCastle offers a ready-made snow construction site, built with our unique “snow-how” to the greatest precision in the final product. We will also be happy to accommodate the production teams with catering services, with warm areas within the SnowCastle service point as changing rooms etc. Our construction team will be ready and willing to create, in a safe manner, specific snow and ice constructions for the needs of the production teams upon additional request as well.

Film friendly


We have long experience and great expertise in catering outdoors throughout the year. We can provide your lunch, snacks and beverages on location where-ever your production team is filming, incl. inside the premises of the SnowCastle and aboard the Icebreaker Sampo. We are experienced in catering for the smallest groups to the largest ones, up to 100-200 persons, both on our own premises and in the location of your choice.


The city of Kemi offers great settings and locations for filming outside the winter season as well. Kemi is situated right at the sea – the Gulf of Bothnia – and can be easily reached by ship or even by canoe. Our partners, among others the local safari and cruise ship companies have a good experience of the areas suitable for filming. The active paper mills, the ports in Kemi, will provide an interesting urban industrial setting for your project.

The Kemi-Tornio Airport is located only 7 km from the city centre. The city of Kemi boasts a variety of hotels, both continental and historical, for accommodation and pleasant stay during your project.

Hotel Cumulus, Kemi
Hotel Merihovi, Kemi
Hotel Palomestari


  • 1988 - 2012: Icebreaker Sampo – TV & film groups from several countries
  • 1996 - 2012: SnowCastle was the location for several music videos, commercials etc.
  • 1998: SnowCastle – film reports & various programs by CNN, Sky Channel, Discovery, Deutsche Welle, BBC
  • 1999: Susanna Rahkamo & Petri Kokko Ice Dance Show, filmed in the SnowCastle for international acclaim
  • 2007: Icebreaker Sampo – “Nummer acht: Everything is going to be alright”, film by Guido van der Werven
  • 2009: ABC channel´s morning show “Good Morning America”, live broadcasts from the SnowCastle
  • 2012: “Tumman veden päällä” ”Above Dark Waters” (Finnish feature film), SnowCastle – one of the locations
  • 2015: SnowCastle and Icebreaker Sampo - Tareq Taylor´s Nordic Coocery