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From White Night Magic to Aurora Borealis

Seaside Glass Villas are located by sea that freezes during the winter. Villas offer incredible view all year round through the glass roof and huge windows. Experience the sky’s exclusive colors, starry northern sky and possibly the Northern Lights. Situated In the city of Kemi in Sea Lapland you have an amazing possibility to see the special Aurora dance show during the winter and white night magic in Summer. The Glass villas contain a small kitchen and bathroom and are an excellent choice for our honored guests seeking for extraordinary accommodation. Next winter the SnowCastle Kemi will introduce new Villa lofts that are suitable for families or offer more living area for couples. Villas are located in the SnowCastle area about one kilometer away from the city center with multiple services. We offer a free entrance to the SnowCastle for Villa guests.

SnowCastle is built annually in Kemi since 1996. Inside the castle there is a huge restaurant built totally from snow and ice. In the spectacular SnowRestaurant one enjoys the freshly prepared meal by the ice tables, the Ice Bar offers juice made of the local berries. SnowRestaurant is the World Luxury Restaurant Winner 2017. Also the SnowHotel won in World Luxury Hotel Awards last year 2016. Beautifully decorated superior and suite rooms are a unique and adventurous type of accommodation - a true arctic experience. 

Please cast your valuable vote for the Seaside Glass Villas in the 2017 World Luxury Hotel Awards. Click here and you will instantly be directed to the voting poll.

About the World Luxury Hotel Awards

Established in 2006, World Luxury Hotel Awards is the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury hotel industry offering international recognition as voted by guests, travelers and industry players alike. Over 300 000 international travelers vote each year, during a four-week period to select the winners. Luxury hotels have the opportunity to participate in the World Luxury Hotel Awards by entering hotel categories that showcase their unique selling points and destinations.



The World Luxury Restaurant Awards celebrated a decade of awarding service excellence

The SnowRestaurant in Kemi is a winner in the World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2017! SnowRestaurant won a prize in Continent category as a Luxury Unique Experience. 

World Luxury Restaurant Awards™ inspires excellence and ignites healthy competition in the Luxury Restaurant Industry. World Luxury Restaurant Awards™ enables restaurants to compete in their chosen category, from a list of 81 categories. The awards will further promote the nominated restaurants based on culinary excellence and memorable experiences from outstanding atmosphere and service. World Luxury Restaurant Awards™ will highlight those categories for which the restaurant should be renowned, further attracting more attention, not only from food experts, journalists and gourmands, but to a host of visitors from around the globe.

Award winning SnowRestaurant is situated within the walls of Kemi SnowCastle 

The SnowCastle is surrouded by pure white snow walls. This gigantic artwork of ice and snow can be found right by the sea near Kemi city centre, from the end of January until beginning of April. The SnowHotel won the Evento Awards 2016 prize for best accommodation in Finland and is the World Luxury Hotel Award 2016 winner. The world's largest SnowRestaurant seats over 200 guests and it is made entirely of snow and ice from the sea water. The SnowCastle is a highly unique venue for visitors offering accommodation, various activities in the weekly programme and fun snow and ice slides for children. Castle receives visitors from more than 50 countries annually.

First SnowCastle was built in the city in 1996 as a present to all the children in the world. During 2018 SnowCastle of Kemi will open the all-year-round SnowCastle with Restaurant, combined with large winter-time SnowCastle area.  Kemi Tourism Ltd. has expanded the operation to highly unique Seaside Glass Villas in the SnowCastle area in the beginning of 2017. The Villas provide a fantastic opportunity to witness the Northern Lights from August to April and Midnight Sun in the summer time. The sea next to the SnowCastle area freezes in the winter time and offers a unique playground for all visitors.  More information on the company web site

Seaside Glass Villas in the new SnowCastle area are open for the first time in the summer time on 26th of June. SnowCastle area is in process of developing into a year-round tourist center with amazing attractions and adventurous accommodation. Kemi Tourism Ltd. in co-operation with other companies will also provide unique adventures all-year-round, in addition to the SnowCastle area, in whole Sea Lapland.

Spending the night in the Seaside Glass Villas is a different kind of an arctic experience. Bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows that let in the surrounding nature. Glass roof enables the natural light to fill the room and lets you enjoy the white night magic. Villas are located by the Bothnian Bay short walking distance from the city centre and Inner harbour with cozy summer restaurants and unique attractions. 

Book now with special price in our web shop. 1 night 230 €/villa, 2 nights 430 €/villa...the longer you stay the better the offer gets! Special offer is available for 26.6.-31.8.2017.