SnowCastle of Kemi opened the doors to Winter Wonderland


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Everything made of snow and ice

The construction work of the winter wonderland in Kemi started in Christmas time by making the snow out of the sea water. This process is possible when the sea is totally frozen and the temperature stays below 7 C minus . The ice to decorate the castle, and to make the tables to the SnowRestaurant, is cut and lifted also from the sea. Everything is made only from natural materials - snow and ice, and you need plenty of it, as the 3700 m2 in total and over 2000m2 indoor area in this snowy castle demands a lot of building material.

SnowCastle has opened the doors for the 23rd time and annually changing theme this year is Animal Wonderland. The Castle consists of stunning snow and ice sculptures that present the animals from Finland and elsewhere - all the way from Mexico and Thailand. Beautiful SnowRestaurant seats around 200 guests by the ice tables and the SnowHotel offers a true arctic adventure sleeping in 5 C minus. If you are looking for a wedding location to amaze your friends, the SnowChapel could be the place for you!

Icebreaker Cruises and other authentic adventures on the frozen sea

The castle is an amazing attraction by the frozen sea and it can be visited daily at 10-18 and it will stay open until 14th of April 2018. SnowHotel and Restaurant guests will accommodate the castle the other hours of the day. Warm Service Point building with cafè and lounge serves the customers 24 hours. There is a versitile weekly programme available, where to choose activities from during the stay in Kemi. The Icebreaker Cruise on historical vessel called Sampo is the number one attraction with the SnowCastle in Kemi. Combining these two with an overnight in the SnowHotel or Seaside Glass Villas, dinner by the ice tables and other arctic adventures guarantees a cool holiday to remember. Read more here. Check also the Facebook page for LumiLinna-SnowCastle here.

The Seaside Glass Villas accommodate guests throughout the year by the sea that freezes over in winter. Villas are mostly made of glass so the guests can admire the sea and sky view through the glass roof and huge floor-to-ceiling windows. SnowRestaurant is a World Luxury Restaurant Winner and both SnowHotel and Seaside Glass Villas a World Luxury Hotel Winners offering bespoken luxurious experiences.

SnowCastle will be open all-year-round in 2019

Kemi Tourism Ltd. is in process of developing the SnowCastle-area as an all-year-round tourist destination. Villas already are available every season and the Seaside Lodge and Hut are excellent choices as cozy dinner venues. Lappish tapas by the fire and relaxing Finnish sauna will make your day after a adventurous day outside.

In order to make the incredible winter experiences available throughout the year, Kemi Tourism Ltd. has started the construction work for the all-year-round SnowCastle, and it will be ready in the end of the year 2018.​ This new building will include the winter experience to the visitors every season. There the snowy weddings are possible and the ice tables are set in the snowy restaurant  throughout the year. Also the warm a la carte restaurant offers arctic delicacies and the arctic wellness services as well as safari activities can be found under the same roof. Beside of the SnowCastle, Northern lights and frozen sea, the midnight sun and autumn colors attract visitors from all-around the world to Kemi, this small city by the sea in Finnish Lapland. 

Kemi Tourism Ltd. operate the Arctic Icebreaker Sampo, the SnowCastle, Kemi Gemstone Gallery and Santa´s Seaside Office. The business idea is to produce and develop tourism in Sea-Lapland area. Kemi Tourism Ltd. is part of the Cruise Baltic - network.

Kemi Tourism Ltd. offers unique experiences that will keep you coming back for more. Both the world-famous Arctic Icebreaker Sampo and the SnowCastle, the artwork of ice and snow can be found from city of Kemi which is the excellent alternative as a winter travel destination. The products are suitable for FIT, Groups and also incentives – from a day trip to a programme for a several days.