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Santa's Seaside Office

Santa Claus has opened his official port office in Kemi Inner harbor! Santa Claus and his Elves love spending time in Kemi by the sea enjoying the fresh air and the easy living that the city offers. This traditional Sea Lappish cottage is open in both the Summer and Winter. It's and excellent place for the whole family to stop for a coffee and snacks! The outside terrace with a lovely sea view is a great place to enjoy the summer!

We have gifts for every day - Christmas is here to stay! Surprise yourself or your loved ones by purchasing one of Santa´s secret presents. You can also take the elves sailor course, or send a bottle post to Santa himself!

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat 11.00-17.00
Mon-Sat 11.00-16.00

Reservations & Information

Email: sales@visitkemi.fi
Phone: +358 16 258 878
Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00 (GMT+2)


Elf Sailor Course & ginger bread decorating

Join the Elf Sailor course, learn useful skills with the elves and get a diploma! Every sailor has to know how to tie strong knots and rescue Santa in distress. Learn how to decorate ginger bread cookies Mrs. Santa´s way while enjoying a drink.

Availability: Fridays 18.12.2017-14.4.2018 at 16.00 Duration: 60 minutes

Our weekly activities are suitable for individual travelers. Bookings should preferably be made at least 2 days in advance through our online shop or sales office. You can always check the availability for the activities on the same day directly from Kemi Tourism Ltd. service points! The minimum amount of participants is 2 persons if not mentioned otherwise.

Group Programmes

Private meeting with Santa Claus

Meet Santa Claus privately, take a memorable picture to take home as a souvenir and get a diploma of your visit. You can also write a bottle post to Santa and receive a reply letter from him to Your home. Includes transportation from your hotel to the Seaside Office and back.

Group Size: 1-5 persons Duration: 60 minutes

Get more information and book your group programmes through our sales office sales@visitkemi.fi or +358 16 258 878. Most of our weekly activities can also be tailored for groups!


Private events

20-80 persons

The traditional old wooden house in the inner harbor is available for meetings and various kinds of occasions throughout the year. In the Summer and Winter time, when the office is open for public, private occasions are available only in the evenings, but in Autumn and Spring it's possible to hold special events also during daytime. This unique venue provides excellent surroundings for meetings, workshops and various kinds of promotional occasions, with dining included if so desired. The surrounding sea enhances the milieu; in the summer time the large outdoor terrace provides a great location for festivities, in the winter snow and ice give their own exciting feel for any an occasion, encompassing the true Christmas spirit.