Santa's Seaside Office


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Santa's Seaside Office


The traditional old wooden house in the inner harbor is available for meetings and various kinds of occasions throughout the year. This unique venue provides excellent surroundings for meetings, workshops and various kinds of promotional occasions, with dining included if so desired. The surrounding sea enhances the milieu; in the summer time the large outdoor terrace provides a great location for festivities, in the winter snow and ice give their own exciting feel for any an occasion, encompassing the true Christmas spirit.


Opening Hours

Open on request


Address: Luulajantie 6, 94100 Kemi
Phone: +358 40 6370 653

Bookings & Infromation

Phone: +358 16 258 878
Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00 (GMT+2)

Private Meeting with Santa Claus

Meet Santa Claus privately, take a memorable picture to take home as a souvenir and get a diploma of your visit. You can also write a bottle post to Santa and receive a reply letter from him to Your home. Includes transportation from your hotel to the Seaside Office and back.

Group Size: 1-5 persons Duration: 60 minutes

Elves studying knots
Santa Claus with the Sailor Elves

Group Menus

20-80 persons

Taste of Snow & IceStarter 1
Cold cut salmon, White fish roe
King crab salad and baguette
Beetroot mayonnese with garlic
Starter 2
King crab soup and baguette
Arctic cod fried with butter with potato wedges
and carrots seasoned with tarragon
Cranberry soup with vanilla ice cream
65 €Choose one of the starters for the whole group


3 or 4-course buffet menuArctic King Crab Dish
King crab, nut lettuce, cucumber and crab chips
with a ginger, lemongrass and garlic dip
included in the 4-course menu
Vegetarian soup
Roasted beef in red wine sauce
Salmon au gratin in lemon sauce
Boiled potatoes and rice
Raspberry parfait
coffee, tea or hot water
49 / 72 €

Prices per person