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The SnowCastle

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Pure white snow walls surround the gigantic SnowCastle built entirely out of snow and ice, both made of sea water. This amazing artwork of ice and snow can be found right by the frozen sea near Kemi city centre! The castle is open from the end of January until mid-April. The world's largest SnowRestaurant seats around 200 guests. The SnowChapel with a mystical atmosphere is a memorable venue for wedding ceremonies. The SnowHotel with unique, beautifully decorated snow rooms offers a true arctic adventure. The enormous SnowCastle is a highly unique venue for visitors offering also various winter activities.

The first ever SnowCastle was built in the city of Kemi in 1996 as a present to all the children in the world. The theme for the year 2018 is Animal Wonderland. Read more here. In 2017 the SnowCastle of Kemi took part in celebrating the 100 years of independency in Finland. Independence day and big celebration in Finalnd is on 6th of December 2017.

Please notice: In order to make the incredible winter experiences available throughout the year in Kemi, we have started the construction work for the all-year-round SnowCastle, which will be ready in the end of the year 2018.​


Adults: 20€
Children: 12€ (11-4y)
Adults: 40€
Children: 24€ (11-4y)
under 4-year-olds for free

Opening times

Daily 10.00-18.00


Address: Lumilinnankatu 15, 94100 Kemi
+358 40 831 8273

Bookings & Infromation

Phone: +358 16 258 878
Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00 (GMT+2)


Guided tour at the SnowCastle

The guided tour of the Castle will lead you to the world of professional ice and snow building. How we build the Castle, what are the venues inside the Castle and what you can do inside the snowy walls. The tour includes a warm drink.

Availability: Daily 20.1.-14.4.2018 at 11.00 & 17.00 Duration: 30-45 minutes Reserve Online: or

Our weekly activities are suitable for individual travelers. Bookings should preferably be made at least 2 days in advance through our online shop or sales office. You can always check the availability for the activities on the same day directly from Kemi Tourism Ltd. service points! The minimum amount of participants is 2 persons if not mentioned otherwise.

Group Programmes

Guided Tour in the SnowCastle Construction Site

The construction of the Kemi SnowCastle begins each year as soon as the weather allows. The temperature must be minimum -7 degrees for a period of one week. During the past few years the construction has begun between the 15th December and 7th January. After the SnowCastle has been opened to the public the actual construction and techniques used can only be seen in pictures. Therefore we offer you the unique possibility of visiting the construction site.

Group Size: 10-40 persons Duration: 60 minutes

Get more information and book your group programmes through our sales office at or +358 16 258 878. Most of our weekly activities can also be tailored for groups!